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Yes give me the guide!

Since following the guidance that Kate has provided my bowl movements have become normal, my energy levels are great and absolutely no abdominal discomfort. I also had eczema that had gone all well. I recently had another blood test for inflammation markers and it came back zero.

Feeling very happy. Thank Kate for all your guidance in getting this happening.


What would controlling your IBS mean to you?

For many people that buy my gut healing eBook, it’s a life changing decision. Controlling their IBS means they can actually socialise again, they can enjoy eating without worrying about whether they’ll be farting later (or worse), they are happier, they sleep better, they have more energy, they enjoy their life more.


What would it mean to you? More quality time with your loved ones? Less embarrassing bodily moments? More freedom? More life?

use the FODMAP diet to relieve IBS symptoms

I’m a Naturopath and have been teaching people just like you how to use the low FODMAP diet to say goodbye to bloating, wind and those weird bowel motions you’ve had ever since you came back from that exotic holiday where you got really sick and you thought you were going to die…. yeah, that trip.


It was awesome but you’ve never been well since, have you? Well all that’s about to change!

the FODMAP diet helps you get a happy tummy

Let’s take a closer look at where you’re at:


  • You’ve tried everything. You’ve even been pretty consistent with most of the things too.
  • Your symptoms aren’t going away no matter how many tubs of yoghurt or green smoothies you eat or bottles of Inner Health Plus, Metamucil and Gaviscon you line your medicine cabinet with.
  • You’ve reached a point where you just avoid eating out all together.
  • You haven’t used the fodmap diet yet, or maybe you’re just researching it now.
  • You’re the friend that says “oh, has that got {insert whatever food you think makes you farty this week} in it?”
  • You’re almost resigned to “this is just the way I am now”.
  • You want someone to put all the scattered pieces of how to resolve your gut problems together for you in a way that makes sense and does not include “reinoculate your gut” – seriously WTF does that even mean? Where’s the practical how-do-I-do-that-from-my-couch option?


How do I know these things? I was just like you. I’ve been through it.


Now I help people get through it and see the light at the end of the long, dark tunnel that is IBS and leaky gut syndrome. It was the main reason I went and did a whole big fat degree – just so I could understand how to fix my gut for good!

How to use the FODMAP diet to heal your gut


There are many things I know about how to heal your gut that I share in my Heal Your Gut Naturally facebook group and on my blog but the most important one is that the low FODMAP diet is a sure thing when it comes to relieving IBS symptoms and working out what food/s do not like you.


The thing with the FODMAP diet is though, you’re not supposed to stay on it forever. And once you’ve been eating low FODMAP food – and seen how amazing it is at relieving your IBS and Leaky Gut symptoms – the last thing you want to do is eat regular or high FODMAP foods because you know your IBS Gremlin is just waiting for you to eat something you shouldn’t so he can get back in control and be the boss again!


With this in mind, I created a gut healing program that takes you through every step to heal your gut and eat “normal” food again… minus the bloating, wind, pain, diarrhoea and angst!


So if you’re ready to be free and get control back from your IBS Gremlin, click here to buy the program and start today!

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