Naturopath Kate

Naturopath Kate

Helping you buy the best supplements

Hi there, I’m Naturopath Kate.

I help women buy supplements that actually work. I know you’ve tried Blackmores or Swisse and maybe they were okay. Maybe you didn’t notice much difference. It wouldn’t surprise me. Many people choose supplements based on brand name alone – not the smart thing to do. There are too many variables to trust brand name only!

Some brands are crap. Some are amazing. I’ll show you why and which supplements to buy to get you results. (Can’t wait? Read my 5 top things to look for in a good health supplement now.)

I don’t:

  • do fancy super foods,
  • special ingredients in weird health recipes,
  • offer second-rate supplements
  • care if you don’t live 100% organic/healthy/paleo/raw/vegan… I don’t. I can’t keep with all that and I’m in the industry!

I can:

  • help you work out which are the best supplements for you.
  • help you feel better and get the results you deserve.


Don’t settle for crap supplements. Buy quality supplements and combine them with my recommendations for great results every time. Choose from one of the icons above to start your search for the best supplements for your needs.

Recent customer feedback….

“Thanks Kate! I am already noticing a real change so I’m pretty happy with that! Kate is very personable and I’ve found her approach quite a bit better than other Naturopaths I’ve seen.

I am looking forward to further progress and improving my health for the long term, I’m ready for the change and Kate is the Naturopath to help me.”

“The treatments chosen are best for me and change when needed which gives me confidence and I feel supported. Kate gives so generously and I very much appreciate all her effort and time.

I have already recommended Kate to several friends and family members and those who have already thanked me.”

“My health has improved out of sight since I started using Charlie’s Choice. Kate gives me just the right balance of remedies, dietary and lifestyle advice and I really like how very gentle she is in her approach.”

“My stomach problems are a thing of the past and I am able to eat everything and do all the things I want to do in life. Nothing is too much trouble for Kate and she always follows up to see how you are going. I would recommend her to anyone. I feel amazing! Thanks Kate.”

“I find your service a great deal better than some others. My daughter’s sleep improved dramatically after following your advice and using a better herbal sleep remedy.  Thank you for all your help Kate.”

“Feeling amazing! Thank you so much Kate!”

“5 star service. Secure payment and quick delivery – what more could you ask for? :)”