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Enjoy the benefits of quality Natural Health Care

Many times you see people wandering around the aisles of a chemist or health food store not sure what they need. They might ask their GP if Natural Health Care could help avoid adding to their medication list.

I’m Naturopath Kate and I’m here to offer you a clear answer to what Natural Health Care can do for you. You can search and find information on all types of health conditions and well being goals. Whether your goal is to:

·       Improve your energy levels

·       Transition from the Low FODMAP diet to normal food again

·       Get a better night’s sleep

·       Manage aches and pains

·       Relieve hot flushes and night sweats

·       Boost your sense of well being

Charlie’s Choice is for you. I write each treatment plan and choose all the Natural Health Care solutions to provide you with the best natural solutions available.


Nurture your health with Natural Health Care

Browse through my shop to find the Natural Health Care solutions that are right for you. Search by:

·       Category

·       Health condition or health goal

·       Browse through the shop

·       For more individualised support and advice through Skype, email or telephone, please contact Naturopath Kate.


Hi there, I’m Naturopath Kate.

I don’t:

  • do fancy super foods,
  • special ingredients in weird health recipes,
  • offer second-rate health care solutions,
  • care if you don’t live 100% organic/healthy/paleo/raw/vegan… I don’t. I can’t keep with all that and I’m in the industry!

I do:

  • help you heal your gut
  • help you go from eating low FODMAP foods to normal foods again
  • help you get the best natural health supplements for you
  • help you feel better and get the results you deserve

Don’t settle for crap supplements or feeling crap! Let me help you enjoy living again.

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