20 of the best Low FODMAP salad recipes ever created

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20 of the best low FODMAP salad recipes ever!


So I had a really good question the other day from a customer, Jenny, who’s been getting some great results with my 7 day Leaky Gut Challenge by the way, but she wanted a few good low FODMAP salad recipes. Fair enough! I’ve just started getting back in to salads and I have to say I’m starting to enjoy them.


So I started searching around for what the internet recipe world had to offer and I have to say I was pretty happy! Here’s just a sample of what’s on offer around the web:


(Word to the wise: please remember that there’s always more research on low FODMAP foods and sometimes the recommendations change. So check with the latest updated version of the Monash Uni Low FODMAP Diet App before making these recipes!)


5 Chicken Salads

Chicken Pesto Salad – from IBS Sano this is a great little low FODMAP pesto recipe when you’re after something a bit green! You can adapt for work lunches or easy-peasy mid week dinners.


Baked Chilli Chicken Salad – another from IBS Sano is this baked chilli chicken and green salad. Already included are all the Mediterranean ingredients you need for a delicious and filling salad, just add some leaves.


Moroccan Chicken salad – Alana Scott from A Little Bit Yummy is an inspiration when it comes to making delicious low FODMAP food. This is one of my favourite recipes


Mustard Mayo Chicken salad – one of the reasons I love this salad is because of the dressing. Sometimes with low FODMAP foods, you can get stuck in a rut of things you know are low FODMAP and safe for you and that gets boring. This dressing packs a punch and you can easily change up the salad ingredients to keep you looking forward to lunch!


Chicken salad – Fun Without FODMAPs has the right idea with this salad. Creamy chicken and red grapes are a delicious (and surprising) combination and the apple cider vinegar in the dressing helps improve digestion for a flat belly afternoon!


Vegetarian Salads

Cobb Salad – Emily from Fun Without FODMAPs has a great Cobb salad recipe. I love that she hates wimpy salads too so this one is jam packed to fill you up.


Zucchini pasta with cabbage and parmesan salad – Monash Uni just keep coming up with amazing salads to keep you interested and happy on the low FODMAP diet. This pasta is filling, easy to make and tastes great.


Summer Millet salad – I found this one on the Monash Uni FODMAP website guest posted by Alana Scott from A Little Bit Yummy. I haven’t made it yet but it looks good!


Spiced roast carrot and feta salad – If you have a small obsession with feta like me, you’ll LOVE this salad. You can have the roasted carrots warm or cold and it’s amazing either way! I love pairing this low FODMAP salad recipe with roast lamb or pork.


Pumpkin and Quinoa salad – I’m a bit of a sucker for pumpkin in salads, it’s sweetness particularly when roasted gives a lovely boost to any dish and this one is no exception. The quinoa will keep you full over the afternoon and it makes a lovely, colourful side dish for dinner.

5 Asian Inspired Salads (cos sometimes you need a bit of crunch!)

Asian zoodle salad – Emily from Fun without FODMAPs has done it again with this beauty. Fast, fresh and bursting with colour the perfect addition to mid week dinners – just make enough to take to work the next day. 😉


Cucumber Sesame salad – Sarah from A Saucy Kitchen has taken the zoodle craze to new highs with this creation. I’m not a fan of cucumber but it looks amazingly fresh and tasty, perfect for a side dish or a meal of its own.


Vietnamese Chicken salad – if there’s one thing I love, it’s coriander. I can’t get enough so any recipe that has it is a winner with me. This recipe is fresh, crunchy and quick to whip up when you’re hungry.


Japanese inspired salmon salad with miso dressing – what I like about this salad is the miso is probiotic and the salmon is loaded with omega 3s to reduce inflammation and improve gut healing. This recipe has a few ingredients (I try to opt for recipes with not so many ingredients for convenience) but it’s well worth going the extra mile for this Japanese inspired dish.


Asian Chicken noodle salad – this recipe is quick, simple and really yum. You can eat it both cold or hot and it’s easy to make extra to save for lunch or dinner the following day! Change the chicken for pork or beef or deep sea fish of choice.


5 Classics with a low FODMAP twist

Nicoise salad – The Monash Uni App has heaps of recipes and this one I love because eggs are soooo healthy and good for you and your gut that this salad should be in everyone’s rotation.


Caprese salad – this is a fresh and light salad that’s goes well with cold meats and other cheeses.


Potato salad – this low FODMAP version has green beans and a vinaigrette. It works well as an accompaniment to grilled meat and adds a boost to your prebiotic fibre without FODMAPs through the beans and the making the potatoes the night before increases their resistent starch. High fives all round!


Caesar salad – Thanks to Lauren Renlund the Tummy Troubles Dietitian for this amazing Caesar salad dressing recipe. You can drizzle it over a low FODMAP Caesar salad like this one from IBS-Health.com because there’s nothing better than a good Caesar salad sometimes.


Fruit salad – probably the most classic salad of them all! The low FODMAP salad recipe is simple: blueberries, cantaloupe, red grapes, kiwi fruit, imperial mandarins, honeydew, paw paw, passionfruit, oranges, pineapple, raspberries and strawberries are all low FODMAP and any combination of these with some lemon or lime juice will be a treat to enjoy. Just remember not to have too much fruit in one sitting!

I hope you enjoy these 20 delicious low FODMAP salad recipes!


Remember, you deserve a healthy gut and I bet you’re ready to get one!

Kate x


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