Kate Dalgleish

Kate Dalgleish

Naturopath | Owner

Kate Dalgleish is a Melbourne based Naturopath passionate about helping people match good nutrition advice with the right health supplements so they can live happier, healthier lives.

Her first eBook “The Zen of Sleep” is available online now. Kate has also developed a gut healing program patients can do from the comfort of their home.

Along with writing her second eBook “The Busy Mum’s Guide to Living Well – A Blueprint for Health, Harmony and Happiness”, Kate is developing a series of free health webinars and regularly posts practical, useful health tips on her Facebook page.

Away from her website and clinic, Kate enjoys boxing, visiting parks with her two young sons and soaking up the sunshine bare foot in her garden.

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Although I have only recently begun to see Kate, I am already noticing a real change so I’m pretty happy with that! Kate is very personable and I’ve found her approach quite a bit better than other Naturopaths I’ve seen.

I am looking forward to further progress and improving my health for the long term, I’m ready for the change and Kate is the Naturopath to help me.

Sarah, 35yo

Kate is very personable, I feel like I am picking the brains of a friend who cares and has a wealth of experience and knowledge she wants to share. I feel we work together well in figuring out how best to move forwards with my health and well being.

The treatments chosen are best for me and change when needed which gives me confidence and I feel supported. Kate gives so generously and I very much appreciate all her effort and time.

I have already recommended Kate to several friends and family members and those who have already thanked me.

Kate, 38yo

My health has improved out of sight since I started seeing Kate.

She gives me just the right balance of remedies, dietary and lifestyle advice and I really like how very gentle she is in her approach.

I highly recommend Kate to family and friends.

Christine, 40yo

How to work with Kate Dalgleish


Kate Dalgleish is a passionate Naturopath and Herbalist.

She’s on a mission to help busy people revitalise their health by making simple, long-lasting changes to find balance and well being.

Kate has been featured in Good Health magazine, Women’s Health and Fitness, Fernwood magazine, The Daily Guru, Vitality, Practical Parenting and The Health Beacon.


Whether she’s…

  • treating patients in clinic
  • blogging about health and wellness
  • filling orders for Charlie’s Choice customers
  • holding informative webinars
  • playing in the park with her two young boys
  • or soaking up the sunshine bare foot in her garden

… Kate’s enthusiasm for healthy living and her ability to help you make long-lasting healthy changes is why her clients call her an inspiration.

Book Kate as an expert to discuss how to improve your health and well being:

  • at your next event
  • at your workplace
  • at your webinar
  • for comment in your article/blog/book
  • for interview on your blog/podcast/video


Topics for speaking engagements and interviews

  • Nutrition – giving your children the best start
  • What to do when you can’t breastfeed: a nutrition perspective
  • Treating IBS and other digestive illnesses with natural remedies
  • Treating insomnia and sleep problems naturally
  • Relieving your PMS symptoms naturally


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This guide is suitable for freelancers, journalists, podcast interviewers, brands, other website owners… basically everyone except patients! If you’re a current patient, or you’d like to be please use the contact form above to get in touch to organise an appointment.

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