The challenges are now closed.

I’ll be running the 7 day challenge again in August 2017.


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I suffered for years with chronic stomach problems but after a couple of weeks of working with Kate I noticed changes in my energy levels and my stomach issues began to ease. A few weeks later I began to introduce foods that I hadn’t eaten in years. Now my stomach problems are a thing of the past and I am able to eat everything and do all the things I want to do in life.


control your IBS

Hey there! I’m Kate.

After you’ve signed up for the challenge (you know you want to!) be sure to pop over to the >> Facebook group << and say hi! I’ll be there every day of the challenge with a FB live to keep you motivated, accountable and get you back in control of your gut. 🙂

Let’s kick some IBS and Leaky Gut butt!

It’s time to say goodbye to IBS and Leaky Gut. Say goodbye to bloating, wind and those weird bowel motions you’ve had ever since you came back from that exotic holiday where you got really sick and you thought you were going to die…. yeah, that trip. It was awesome but you’ve never been well since, have you? Well all that’s about to change!


End your symptoms with the IBS and leaky gut challenge.

I know you’ve been putting up with your gut and even though you get some control back occasionally, your IBS is running the show. It decides when you enjoy yourself, whether you can fit into your clothes today, whether you eat out or just watch everyone else, whether you have to excuse yourself so you can relieve the offensive wind after that lunch that you hoped might be okay but your leaky gut gremlin decided otherwise.


Let’s face some harsh facts:

  • You’ve tried everything. You’ve even been pretty consistent with most of the things too.
  • Your symptoms aren’t going away no matter how many tubs of yoghurt or green smoothies you eat or bottles of Inner Health Plus, Metamucil and Gaviscon you line your medicine cabinet with.
  • You’ve reached a point where you just avoid eating out all together.
  • You’re the friend that says “oh, has that got {insert whatever food you think makes you farty this week} in it?”
  • You’re almost resigned to “this is just the way I am now”.
  • You want someone to put all the scattered pieces of how to resolve your gut problems together for you in a way that makes sense and does not include “reinoculate your gut” – seriously WTF does that even mean? Where’s the practical how do I do that from my couch option?

How do I know these things? I was just like you! I’ve been through it. Now I’m a Naturopath and I treat people with IBS and leaky gut. It was the main reason I went and did a whole big fat degree – just so I could understand how to fix my gut for good!

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I’m going to help you fix your gut by sharing my knowledge and expertise.   I believe that a healthy gut is the true secret to our entire health and happiness. And I want you to have health and happiness.

So have you got the guts?

Come join me as I launch 3 free gut health challenges in the first half of 2017. The first is a 7 day challenge to get back control of your IBS pronto! You’re in charge and it’s time to let your gremlin gut know all about it!


Dates to know about

21st January – 28th January – 7 Day Free Challenge: Get Control of Your IBS Gremlin! You missed it! Buy it now for only $21.

24th February – LAST REGISTRATION DAY for 30 Day Free Challenge: Why does food hate me? 30 days to find out what’s wrong with your gut… and fix it!


We’re kicking off on Saturday 25th February. Yep a Saturday so there’s time to do some planning and preparation for success! Scroll to the top to register and I’ll see you in the challenge!

30 day challenge for IBS and leaky gut

Kate is very personable, I feel like I am picking the brains of a friend who cares and has a wealth of experience and knowledge she wants to share. She gives so generously and I very much appreciate all her effort and time. I have already recommended Kate to several friends and family members and those who have come have thanked me.