7 Day Gut Health Challenge eBook


If you missed the 7 day gut health challenge, fear not! You can now buy the complete challenge including all the bonus material and downloads.


Hi there, I’m Kate.

I’ve been a Naturopath for 9 years and over that time I’ve helped hundreds of people live happy, healthier lives. Now, I choose to focus on resolving IBS, leaky gut and other digestive issues as I believe our overall health and well being begins in our gut.


Thank you for choosing me to be part of your gut healing journey. I feel privileged to help you resolve your gut issues and enjoy food and life again.


We’re going to work together to revitalise your digestive health and make simple, long-lasting changes to find balance and well being. There’s lots of work involved, mostly simple but it takes a commitment from you!


Come join us in the Facebook Group Heal Your Gut Naturally where I share digestive health tips, videos and meet other people just like yourself, looking for a way to heal their gut DIY style with rock solid information and fantastic support from a qualified Naturopath.


Let’s get into it!


What’s in 7 Day Gut Health Challenge eBook?


Day One: How to work out what is wrong with your gut

Day Two: Reset your gut and phase out your symptoms

Day Three: The 2 crucial steps to healing your gut you don’t know about

Day Four: Why Probiotics don’t always help and what to do instead

Day Five: The proper way to deal with flare ups. Yes! There’s a better way

Day Six: Food vs. Supplements – Which is better to heal your gut?

Day Seven: Final thoughts and inspiration


7 Day Meal Plan

Convenient Shopping List

Tips for Stress Management

Managing Flare Ups

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