Leaky Gut Bootcamp


For an IBS treatment that actually works, look no further than my Leaky Gut Bootcamp!

28 days to transform your gut health – and you can do it from home!


Are you ready for an IBS treatment that works?


This IBS treatment bootcamp is designed with you and your busy life in mind. The daily lessons are bite size and actionable, giving you clear steps on how to treat your IBS and heal your leaky gut from the comfort of your own home.


IBS is NOT a life sentence. I’ve helped lots of people work their way through their tummy troubles with a simple approach that works every time. Together, we can revitalise your digestive health by making small, simple changes in your daily routine.


If you can answer yes to 4 or more of these questions you need my 28 day Leaky Gut Bootcamp:

1. Are stomach problems ruining your life?

2. Every time you eat something, do you wonder whether it will cause you wind/pain/bloating/gas later on? (or maybe you already know it will!)

3. Do you avoid eating out because you just can’t trust what’s put in front of you?

4. Does it feel like every week you add new foods on to an already very long list of “what-I-can’t-eat-anymore”?

5. Have you heard a low FODMAP diet might help but don’t know where to start?

6. Do you struggle to get through the day with modern medicine failing to help your digestive symptoms?

7. Are you worried you’ll never be able to eat “normal” food again?

8. Do you suffer with fatigue, headaches, muscle stiffness, poor sleep and brain fog?

9. Do you start the day with a flat stomach and end the day bloated – you look pregnant but you’re not, just bloated?

If you answered yes to 4 or more questions, you probably have leaky gut syndrome. 🙁



What’s in the Leaky Gut Bootcamp?

Daily lessons, downloads and guides:

  1. How to work out what’s wrong with your gut
  2. Introducing the low FODMAP diet
  3. Reset​ ​your​ ​gut​ ​and​ ​eliminate​ ​your​ ​symptoms​ ​
  4. Creating your gut healing meal plan
  5. Why gut healing isn’t a straight forward process and how to fit it into your life
  6. Resolving parasites and candida
  7. Why your brain isn’t where you think it is
  8. Warning! Highly detailed module: The actual steps to heal your gut
  9. How to stay on track and get results: no BS
  10. Food shopping on the low FODMAP diet – it’s not as bad as you think
  11. The amazing thing that will change your life.
  12. Coping with cravings
  13. 10 reasons you might not be seeing results yet and how to fix it
  14. The two crucial steps to eliminating IBS that you don’t know about
  15. Food vs Supplements – what’s better to heal your gut and end your IBS?
  16. So you’ve decided to take supplements…. Have you chosen the right ones?
  17. Why probiotics don’t always help and what to do instead
  18. The 4-1-1 on which probiotics are right for your gut
  19. The ultimate guide on how to eat out when you have IBS
  20. The proper way to deal with flare ups. Yes, there’s a better way!
  21. Getting back on track after a set back
  22. I want you to re-introduce FODMAP foods… am I crazy?
  23. How to survive re-introducing FODMAP foods
  24. What are the best exercises for your gut health?
  25. Maintenance mode: it’s a life thing and you can make it part of yours
  26. This could be sabotaging your gut health
  27. Fix your gut and watch all those other health problems disappear
  28. Final thoughts and inspiration


What support do I get in the Leaky Gut Bootcamp?

The Facebook Group Heal Your Gut Naturally is where I share digestive health tips, videos and bring together other people just like yourself, looking for an IBS treatment DIY style.

You get fantastic support from me! A qualified Naturopath with 9 years’ experience and a passion for gut health, I’m available through the FB group to answer any questions you have and to provide help, support and encouragement.